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"BUT GOD", as Pastor Dendy would say

Today was another weather record-breaking snow and wind chill factor up to -25° in some places of Texas. We've had rolling power outages all over the metroplex, BUT GOD has watched over His own who trust and believe in Him. Here's a couple of examples: I myself have frozen up pipes, but have not had my power shut off, whether it be rolling or not, but that's nothing compared to this next testimony of what God had done. Sometime this afternoon around 2:45-3:00pm In a text I got a request to keep Brother and Sister Dendy and family in prayer because, with this unusual and extreme winter weather, power has been a bit of a supply and demand issue, and they have been without power or heat since yesterday, in fact over 2million people in ft worth are without heat and power. So I began a prayer chain for them. As I was sending them out, God stopped me to start interceding and as I was praying in the Spirit, God showed me a Giant Angel in front of their house, that was taller than it and a half a house more so, and he had wings of heat that were fanning their home and God asked me to participate and I did. If anyone would have walked through my door or seen me through my window they would have put me in a straight jacket because I looked like I was slowly trying to fly. The Giant Angels wings were so strong and powerful but made a soft Swooshing sound as the beat slowly toward the house. It was the Most Awesome Experience I'd ever had in the Spirit. I felt honored and privileged that God would ask me to participate. He's been telling us all over and over, at Gospel Lighthouse Outreach, "Draw up Close to me My people, I have much to share with you." He tells us all that He wants to show us things and share with us things beyond what we could think or imagine, and this time He did that for me. And He can for you too. Thank you LORD. HE gets all the glory and honor and I thank Him and love Him so. Then around 7pm this evening I called my Pastor to see how they were doing and he told me that they were now congregating in the living room and they had a steady heat of 55°. We serve a mighty God who cares about His own. God is raising up an army of true believers and worshiper. Both collectively and at Gospel Lighthouse Outreach. All things must be done in Spirit and in Truth. Come on over to God's side of the army, He WILL lead you to VICTORY, but never promised it without a fight, and He WILL NEVER let you down. He loves you more than you know. Get to know Him on a personal level and let Him show you just how much He does love you, you won't be disappointed.. God bless you all.

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Monday, February 22, 2021 (All day)


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