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Double for our efforts

Greetings in the name of our Lord JESUS, King of kings and Lord of Lords.
As we enter this new year, many have a new years resolution.
The first and foremost, we praise the Lord JESUS for keeping us through last
year. I have peace of mind and joy that only God gives. My goal is to work
towards my goal of a million souls to win for my JESUS. Pray that I reach my
goal this year.
Speaking of praying, this is a very important part of my goal. If we pray
together for this goal we share in the victory. God said that we were mem-
bers one of another. Our goal to win the lost for the the Lord. James 5:16
says, for us to pray for others that we may be healed. If you need healing
pray for another' s healing and God gives us double. He heals the one that
we are praying for and then he meets our needs, our prayers fervently, in
faith gives us double for our efforts. It isn"t that we shouldn't pray for our-
selves , but when we put others as ourselves GOD sees the love that He
commanded us to have is present and alive in your heart, especially when
when we are praying for one we don't know, or don't like. GOD's word is
true and HE is faithful. I want to see you in heaven. I'll pray for you.

Expire Date: 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - 6:15pm
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