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Bonnie Blair 7/6/2015

We, my husband, niece and myself, went fishing on Monday, 7/6/15 to Ray Robert's Marina. We were on the North side of Denton on I35 W. when an 18 wheeler came over from the right lane to the left lane where we were. Larry slamme4d on the brakes and moved over to the left as safely as he could. I screamed, "Oh Jesus!" Larry said nothing but I could feel Mandy bracing herself against the back of my seat. I could say lucky we were but not hardly. The driver of the truck speeded up and Larry was slowing as much as possible when the truck was only about a foot ahead of us. My niece works for the police dept and she called in and reported his actions to the police in Sanger, Tx. He never stopped or slowed down. She gave the police the driver's license number, truck trailer number, who the truck owners were and that he was speeding, and the exit number he had just passed. I hope they stopped him. I saw he was a heavy set guy with a pony tail. But I just want to give God the glory for if it had not been for Him I don't think we would be here today. Yes, we went on fishing and caught 24 fish. So we were blessed again. THank you Lord.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 5:30pm
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