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Night Watch Service

It was a wonderful service last night to be with my brothers and sisters in Christ to celebrate what God has done for us in the year 2015. We enjoyed the music, food, and God's Word. Tonight I planned on being home early to be with Larry, my husband, at mid-night because he was sick and could not go, but something happened. The Holy Ghost came in through Testimony from Brother Beard who was Pastor Dendy's pastor before he came into pastor ship. You could tell there was so much care and love in Bro. Beard's voice and he was so happy with a big smile on his face. He said, "I thank God for Brother Dendy." He told us of the day that our pastor went before Brother Beard and asked, "Do you think I am ready to start preaching, and Brother Beard said yes! " But this is what got me, When he said I will miss him. That tells me there was someone who let go and told from his heart what he felt even though Brother Dendy would some day leave his church to step out for God into his own church. Also Brother Beard said," I am proud of Bro. Dendy and also what he has accomplished here in this church and the new building." What truly hit my heart in my own thinking was what Bro. Beard had accomplished the same thing as well. What Bro. Dendy accomplished was not by himself and  Sister Dendy but Bro. Beard also accomplished the same thing for had it not been for our pastor's pastor we all may not be sitting in this church together tonight. My New Years Wish is that we as a church can show this type of love for our brothers and sisters in 2016 as these two preachers showed for each other. Thank you Lord for making me stay a little longer than I was going to for this was a blessing to me. Isn't that what a testimony is suppose to do, warm the heart ? Larry was in bed asleep when I got home. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me. Bonnie

Expire Date: 
Monday, January 25, 2016 - 1:30pm


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