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A Testimony from Jim Kessler Posted 2/1/2018

A note about Brother Jim Kessler; He was born on Feb 12, 1949. He would have been 69 on Feb. 12, 2018. His address at the time of death was 3636 Oak Tree Circle Apt. #401, Fort Worth, Tx., 76133. He didn’t move, they changed the address to be more efficient with mail delivery. Brother Jim has been a member of Gospel Lighthouse Outreach Church for many years. I’m not for sure how many but I know it has been close to, if not over 20 something years. Even though he had car trouble and could not manage to get to church for years he remained faithful paying his tithes and stayed in contact with Pastor Dendy and Sister Dendy and they kept visiting Jim. He told me just last week when I spoke to him that he wished he could do something to help support the church. He never wanted to give up on things. I asked him, “Jim, I know you don’t like a bunch of junk emails but how would you like to become a church prayer warrior?” He said , ”Bonnie, I would love that. It is something that I could do and would love to do.” I told him that I would email him the prayer requests as we got them. He could pray over them. And not have to email me back about them because I knew he was faithful to his word. Brother Jim had formed a quartet called the Uplifters years back. He was a wonderful singer. My favorite that he sung was, If The Blood Is Still There. Now we know he’ll be singing in God’s Choir!  And at last, he will be completely happy! We’ll miss you Brother Jim.


Expire Date: 
Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 1:00am


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