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112722 Sunday Morning Service Live

Recorded Date and Time: 
Sunday, November 27, 2022 - 10:05am
video description: 

This service was filmed on November 27, 2022 during the Sunday Morning Service. This service contains the Sermon by Bennie Dendy and more.

112722 Sunday Morning Notes

Pre SS Song Leaders:
"Trixie Renfro, Donna Worley, Sherolyn Van Dalen"

Pre SS Songs:
Page 46 Softly and Tenderly

Sunday School Teacher:
Coy Burnes

SS Scriptures:
Revelation 10:1-11

Booster Band Leader(s):
Stephanie France

Booster Band Kids:
Angelica France
Lacey France
Anastasia France
Sophia Parker
Airibella Ingram
Florence Cristan
Gage Campbell

Booster Band Songs:
We Are Boosters
Do Lord
I Just Wanna Be A Sheep
Father Abraham

Song Leaders:
"Trixie Renfro, Donna Worley, Sherolyn Van Dalen"

Page 191 Honey in the Rock
Page 203 I Know My Lords Gonna Lead

Time - Who - Title
1137 - Church - Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
1201 - Church - Just As I Am
"1211 - Church - Jesus, Just The Mention Of Your Name"

Sermon By:
Bennie Dendy

Sermon Title:
Cup Of Suffering #495

Psalms 73:10
Psalms 80:5
Psalms 102:9-10
Matthew 20:22
Matthew 26:39
John 18:11
1 Peter 5:10
Romans 6:23
Romans 10:9-10
Romans 10:13

Video Tags: 
112722 Sunday Morning Service Live, 11-27-22, Sermon by Bennie Dendy


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