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Gena's Key Points

Created by Genny Hebert
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 12:37am
Post date: 5 days 19 hours ago
gzionhill's picture
I know that Mother's day was Sunday, but The next day my mom died.  May 14, 1987.  She was a godly woman.  I never saw her do the things the Bible comes against, except once and I'll talk about that later.  She was married once before my dad.  His name was Tommy Dunn.  They had one son, Larry, who died with double pneumonia before he was two.  Tommy was killed in Italy in the WW2.  About five years later she met my dad, and they married.  She had pregnancies before us, but she had miscarried all of them.  Then at age 30 she became pregnant again.  This time was different.  She almost died several times.  But God spoke to her heart that she was going to have twins.  The doctor said she was crazy.  8 months later we were taken.  Early, I weighed 3 1/2 lbs, and Jane 2-14 Mom and dad were evangelists.  Then dad forced her to divorce when we were 8.  We lived on her pension from her 1st.  husband and she pastored a church.  Eventually she remarried.  When she failed God, she was hemorrhaging and God spoke to her and said what doest thou here?  We were on the way to the E.R.  She got a staff infection in her right lung.  8 yrs.  in and out of the chest hospital.  She asks me if I knew of any who might have ought.  She searched her heart to make sure nothing was between her and God. 3 months later she died.
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