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Behold: Trust and Obey

Adults Class
Scripture References: 

Acts 9:17

Story Summary: 

Ananias, although fearful of Saul, goes to him because God spoke. He prays for Saul and Saul's sight is restored when scales fall from his eyes. Saul then ate and received strength. He began to preach Jesus, the One he had been persecuting by imprisoning His followers. Every one questioned the radical change in his life. He amazed the Jews at Damascus by preaching and showing strong evidence that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. He presented the evidence so strongly that the Jews could not argue against it. They began to hate Saul and desired to kill him. They began to scheme and plot for ways to do away with him. The disciplesĀ helped him escape by putting him over the wall at night in a basket. Saul journeyed to Jerusalem but everyone there was afraid of him. They did not believe he had been saved. They thought he wanted to trick them so they could be arrested. He went to the Arabian Desert at this time. This interval in his life was designed by Jesus as a time of preparation for him to be fully equipped with right knowledge in order to present the living Word of God everywhere he went. He spent three years in the desert while God was preparing and equipping him for the ministry for which God had called him. He then returned to Jerusalem and again began teaching and preaching the Word of God. How about you? Have you allowed the Lord to radically change you? Do you hunger to know Jesus and let Him have his way in your life? Are you fully committed to Him? Listen----He is calling each of us. I am looking forward to seeing you in Sunday School at 10:00 A.M..

Date of Class: 
Sunday, May 20, 2018
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