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Jeremy Woodson major surgery needs prayer Post 10/22/18

I am asking prayer this morning for Jeremy Woodson. He is in the hospital and has got to have major surgery. He has a large hernia and his stomach is also turned in the wrong direction. He is the future husband of my granddaughter, Susan Self. I am asking God to be with him, and guide the doctors and anyone that is with the medical crew that is in charge of his surgery and care. And that he is going to be !00%  back to normal after this surgery. Lord, give him and his family and friends peace during this time. Father we thank you for watching over Jeremy. Father, touch Jeremy with your healing oil. Let it run from his head to toe. Bless him and use him for your glory. In Jesus name we pray. And we all say Amen. Thank you for your prayers. Bonnie Blair

Expire Date: 
Monday, October 29, 2018 - 8:45am
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