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Not my will but thy will oh Lord!!

I am so thankful for Gods perfect will in my life! I applied for a summer job that I was certain must be the will of God. I prayed and gave the whole situation to God. I have learned in this journey not to "jump" until God says so. I unfortunately did not get the job. I was frustrated but then I realized that God knows what is best for me and if I am going to surrender all, I need to deal with the answer that He will give me. So, a door for another job was presented to me in the same school district where I work now. I had an interview today and I got it immediately! Everything worked out and I did not have to stress or worry about it, because it was in Gods hands from the start. Thank you God for always knowing what is best for me and for teaching me that if I wait upon you, everything will fall into place the way you would have it to!!!

Expire Date: 
Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 4:15pm
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