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Sept. 5th, 2022 TO THE SERVANTS OF GOD Good morning fellow Servants of God and believer's in Jesus Christ our Lord, I pray that the Lord is giving you, His servants, the strength of mind, body, soul, and spirit that is needed to endure the tasks, trials, tests, and temptations presented before you today. I pray that you continue to seek His face in every move you make. It is His desire to take care of you, nourish you, sustain you and lead and guide you as you continually put Him first in all things, and as you continue to ask, seek and trust in Him and obey. And because of God's UNFAILING FAITHFULNESS towards you, He Will finish the Work that He has started in you AND He Will see you through THIS day, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. I have faith to know and believe that these things He will do for you, for He is THE GREAT I AM in whom We SERVE. Who is Deserving of ALL Honor and Glory, and Praise in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Expire Date: 
Monday, September 12, 2022 (All day)


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