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My Uncle Fred

First I'd like to say God is good! And if you don't have a home church or do but are not getting feed with the Truth of God's Word, come visit us here at Gospel Lighthouse Outreach and see the power of God at work...
On January 25th my dad tells me that my Uncle Fred is not doing well and he'd talk to me later. This of course sent my first thoughts to imediatley send out a prayer chain to the members of Gospel Lighthouse Outreach and to those that I know can touch the Throne Room of God. Remember I have No details on my uncles condition, BUT GOD knew. It wasn't till after the prayer chain went out that hours later my dad tells me of my Uncle's detailed status. No one was able to reach my Uncle for 2 days and a police officer was sent out for a well check call. They found him having trouble breathing and I believe unconscious. To the hospital he went ASAP and after taking a look at him he was dying of emphysema. His daughter was called in from Florida, and by the way both my dad and Uncle Fred live up in the Ozarks of Ar., and his daughter was on the next flight out. They needed permission to ventalate him which she did. After a few days in the hospital on the ventalate he came to and told them to take him off. Now during his time in the hospital up to now he's dying of, as I stated before, emphysema but now has contracted a bad bad case of pneumonia. His doctor tells him bluntly that he needs to be put back on the ventalate and Uncle Fred Refussed and his doctor told him in that case you don't have much hope a few more days maybe...But you see man does NOT have the last say, BUT GOD! Glory Hallaluha! It was on February the 1st that I called my dad for an update and he told me that on January 30th the hospital released my Uncle with nothing but an oxygen tank, on a here on out basis, for his emphysema and on Sunday January the 31st was out running around with his daughter in Branson Missouri....GLLLLORRRY BE TO GOD!!!! Thank you Lord..and I pray still, Uncle Fred, that this miracle from death bed to life has brought you closer to the LORD in such a way that you can't deny His Love for you and that He desires for you to be on a more personal level with Him, As He does with us ALL. AMEN

Expire Date: 
Saturday, February 13, 2021 (All day)


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