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113022 Wednesday Night Service Live

Recorded Date and Time: 
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 - 7:35pm
video description: 

This service was filmed on November 30, 2022 during the Wednesday Night Service. This service contains the Sermon by Coy Burnes and more.

113022 Wednesday Night Notes

Song Leaders:
"Sherolyn Van Dalen, Donna Worley"

Page 13 Watching You
Page 300 Hold to God's Unchanging Ha
Page 229 Just a Little Talk with Jes
They That Wait
Jesus loves me

Time - Who - Title
1953 - Kenneth Franklin - Testify
2002 - Cassandra Leberta - He Keeps Me Singing
2005 - Gina Adams - Testify
2008 - Mark Adams - Testify
2011 - Mark and Gina Adams - I Need You More Today
2016 - Trixie Renfro - Testify
2018 - Nattalle Cornetios - Testify

Sermon By:
Coy Burnes

Sermon Title:
Who Is Your Father

John 8:42
John 8:44
Genesis 3:4-5
Revelation 12:9
Hebrews 10:23-25

Video Tags: 
113022 Wednesday Night Service Live, 11-30-22, Sermon by Coy Burnes


Coy's picture

Correction: At 20:38 I made a statement that the serpent didn't die in the garden like Adam and Eve did. I meant to say he didn't get cursed to die like Adam and Eve did. I didn't realize that I said it until I watched it at home. Sorry about any confusion. God drove out the man from the garden.


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