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Testimony for Lillie-Posted 9/14/15

Lillie is doing better today. They had to give her 2 units of blood during the night but her count was up to 14 this morning. They took the nose tube out and said her feces is clear, no blood, I thank the Lord for that! They mentioned going down her throat with a scope and doing a colonoscopy but the Dr said it was risky and Lillie said no to both and I was glad. 45% of people who have a colonoscopy end up with complications or they have died from the procedure by the Dr. puncturing the colon. She is being moved from ICU to a room. Praise the Lord!!  Thank you so much for your prayers for Lillie and Ruby.  Helen

Note* Lillie is in her 80's and her sister in 100. We've been praying for Lillie to get better so she may have more time left with her sister. So she is better and we thank God for answering prayers.  Thank all the prayer warriors who have talked to God for Lillie. Bonnie                                                                                                          

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Monday, September 21, 2015 - 11:15pm
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